About Us

Food with intergrity


Le Essen, one of the notable Catering Brands within Kitchenhaus Group provides up-and-coming F&B concepts & service with vision to create an entire eco-system of F&B Brands to compliment our business units

Le Essen is experienced in various food cultures, serving up meals with home cooked philosophy for consumers and corporate customers region wide. Our multi division works around your needs, be it local or multi-national, and we have a dedicated team to ensure excitement of every meals within the dining and catering solutions.


Delivering Our Promise

Giving you the best in food catering

The customised approach

Our Mission

First-Class Service & Hygiene Standards. Upholding what is True and Fair to deliver our promise without compromising our Value, while ensuring Tip-Top food Safety & Quality.

This is our Promise to our clients.

Our Focus

Food Safety

We emphasise on Food Safety Certification as the pillar and start of the food safety journey. Making sure that HAACP guidelines are optimised, standard food sanitation procedures like regular hand washing, using gloves & hair net to avoid cross-contamination, food must be held at the proper temperature during transport and checked afterward to make sure they stayed there. All food must be kept in food-safe containers. Le Essen takes pride and caution in handling, preparation, temperature, storage, hygiene, clothing and Footwear

Food Waste Management

We act on smart food purchase, storage & preparation to manage food waste. Parallelly, we track, review attendance and consumption data.

Go Green Journey

We are taking steps to reduce the use of single-use plastics using lacquered bento boxes and opeh leaves to serve food in support of the World Wide Fund for Nature with its major push to reduce F&B use of plastic disposables. Do away with single-use plastics; using options of paper, cornware & reusable (e.g. porcelain) materials. We also take advantage of reusable beverage dispensers to limit the use of disposable plastics.

Reducing food waste is the major part of the green operation. We Track inventory over time and adjust order amounts with a food waste audit. This is fortified with managing our FOG (fats, oil, grease) that might pollute our immediate environment.

We uses seasonal menu to prevent farmers from running greenhouses and provide the produce with artificial lighting and heating that eventually having harsh effects on our environment. On the other hand, we serve meals with common fruits and vegetables that are green & economical.

We grow and give back to the community

Corporate Responsiblity

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Our Clients